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Hydrotherapy equipment variants

Aeromassage System

Aeromassage System

Our increasingly rhythm of life, daily stress, requires the use of relaxation, recreation and recovery methods. Now you can relax in the privacy of your home with the aeromassage system.

The aeromassage is produced by bubble air jets that stimulate skin receptors, reduce muscle tension and relax. Another beneficial effect is skin regeneration by pore dilation and make clean them.

Aeromassage is one of the most effective methods of recuperation and relaxation.

The Aeromassage System is available in two versions of the electronic control unit:

- electronic digital control unit

- electronic stainless steel control unit (see photo)

The operation of both versions are identicaly.

The aeromassage system consists of 12 aeromassage diuses, located on the length of the bathtub, a blower that pushes the air through the diuses to form bubble jets.

The bathtub is equipped with a level sensor, which prevents the system from running without water. During operation, if the water level in the tub falls below the level sensor, the control panel will shut down the system; the system will restart after the water level has been corrected.


The aeromassage cycle is set to 20 minutes, after that  the control panel will turn off the system. To restart, you must press the start key.

During operation, the pressure of the air jets can be increased or decreased (from 1 to 10) by pressing the + or - key.


After the cycle is complete, the control panel waits for the drainage of the water in the tub and after 5 minutes it will activate the blower for one minute to evacuate the remaining water on the system piping.